Get to know the founders, our mission and how you can support us.


About Us

Undivided Clothing is an affordable, environmentally conscious clothing brand, designed and run by mother and daughter, Laeshia and Rochelle.

Based in London, England, the two founders are inspired by the vibrancy of African, Caribbean and Latinx cultures, which are hidden in plain sight in everyday life. Even though Britain is becoming more intertwined with black cultures, it can be difficult to find representative clothing within the fashion industry that are not appropriative or overpriced.


Launching during 2020’s global fight against racial inequality, Undivided Clothing supports the irrefutable demand for change, voiced by black people and echoed by our allies worldwide.


There is a need for liberation, a need for appreciation and a need for representation.


We believe that now, more than ever, it is important to regularly celebrate black beauty, indulge in our diverse cultures and to raise social awareness. We aim to do this through our apparel and accessories.


For these reasons, Undivided Clothing pledges to donate 20% of profits from each sale to Generating Genius  - a charity who works towards supporting the next generation of black STEM leaders, UK SVG Friendship Trust - a charity whose objective is to promote and provide for the advancement of education, community and sustainable development in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and aiding their post-volcanic eruption recovery or to The Caraf Centre - a local charity which supports education, creative arts and mental wellbeing of black and other ethnic and low-income families. 



If you would like to make any additional donation to either of our amazing charities, please do so by heading onto their page. Alternatively, we can donate on your behalf using our charity-exclusive Paypal link below.